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Author, officer and entrepreneur, I strive to be best in every aspect. I have always stood up against anything wrong or corrupt that has come to her notice in my service towards the country and the society.  I sacrificed my own interests and progress in the fight for what is right & I have strong faith that God will reward me with what is best for me. The power in my truth matches up with the power in my pen and I have brought out many wrongdoings and consequently the things have been corrected for good.

I have a natural inclination towards bringing about acute changes for well being of all. One of my concerns has been about people turning aloof from quality reading and constantly being glued to their mobile phones over the social media. Such a practice has adverse effects on the body, mind and eyesight as well, due to radiations from the cell phones. Therefore I created and authored the first ever Bedside book, titled ‘Ripples: easeful liveliness.’ The book is an appealing presentation of micropoetry, wild words, vivid verses and also words of wisdom.

Ripples ... is about saying a lot & sharing different emotions and pleasantness in just a few words, making it impressive and effective. A unique pictorial presentation of the impassioned words, is for making the bedside book colourful and so attractive that  one should be compelled to keep the cell phones aside and would prefer looking into ‘Ripples....’ to feel calm and sleep with a smile.! Ripples is technically designed for the light and soulful reading before sleep, and it can be read on any page at random. No particular page sequence or continuity required, so that one can enjoy just a few pages, or even a few lines till sleep takes over. My dream is that everyone should go to sleep stress-free & with a smile, with Ripples... lying nearby; somewhere close to the heart.  

Education for enlightenment is my superlative  service to the society. I have been providing platform to many writers, authors and experts from various fields, and budding talents, for presenting their works before the world. I am known internationally and people from many different countries and various walks of life have appreciated me and thanked me immensely for the opportunities. I was a member in the editorial board of Qualpharma International Magazine and I am Editor-in-Chief at SquarePetals Global Media. 
My upcoming books are ‘True False’ and ‘Irresistible Life’.

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